• What is a UPR Monitoring Framework?

A UPR Monitoring Framework is a tool for states to keep track of their national human rights records based on their UPR obligations through the recommendations they received during the review session.

A Global Template for monitoring UPR recommendations worldwide was developed by the Working Group on Human Rights in India and the UN (WGHR) which can be found here. From the aforementioned template, COMANGO members devised Malaysia’s very own UPR Monitoring Framework to fit in the national context of documenting human rights violations/progresses. The exercise to develop a monitoring tool was carried out on the 31st October 2015. Since then, COMANGO members has been actively monitoring Malaysia’s human rights progress/regress based on the nation’s UPR obligations.

  • Who should use the monitoring framework?

The monitoring framework is useful for individuals, institutions and agencies interested to document human rights progress or violations in Malaysia with specific references to a universal process which encourages participation from all stakeholders, the UPR. Members of the public, human rights activists, civil society organizations working on specific human rights issues should make use of this monitoring tool as it is ultimately focused on improving the human rights situation on the ground via the UPR process among others.

For the purpose of this website, only COMANGO member organisations may access the portal to add and update the UPR Monitoring Framework.